JW Francis - 'Good Time'

US frontman showcases his debut album with this smooth and breezy lo-fi groove, with shades of Mac DeMarco

ÄTNA - 'Grinding'

German duo blend industrial sounds with an alt-pop aesthetic on this brooding new offering

Twenty Committee - 'In A Rush'

Swedish production outfit return with this dark and pulsing alt-pop release, with nods to Banks

Didirri - 'Loose Belt Drive'

Australian singer-songwriter previews his new EP with this bright and uplifting new croon

Abby Jeanne - 'Stop And Listen'

US frontwoman brings the same fuzzy sound as The White Stripes to her latest upbeat blues-rock jam

Maffa Rico - 'Zuma'

US producer showcases his latest album with this smooth and soulful instrumental gem

La Femme - 'Paradigme'

French outfit bring a diverse sound to their latest alt-pop release, with hints of Bad Sounds

Naked Hearts - 'Like I Do'

US outfit crack out the killer riffs for this bold and pulsing shoegaze-inspired stunner

Bjorn Rydhog - 'My Girl On The Beach'

Swedish singer-songwriter returns with another warm and wistful piano-led swoon

Kate Boothman - 'My Next Mistake'

Canadian frontwoman takes her cues from Courtney Barnett with this breezy indie-rock gem

DD Walker - 'Like You'

US frontman keeps it glittery with this bright and 80s-tinged indie-pop delight

Tapeworms - 'Safety Crash'

French outfit preview their debut album with this fun and fuzzy dream-pop delight

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