Aaron Taos - 'Summer's Gone' ft. Alice Gray

US frontman returns with the official video for his latest alt-pop delight

Dugong Jr - 'Slow It Down' ft. Jordan Dennis

Australian producer brings the same pulsing groove as Kaytranada to his latest electronic stunner

Carmody - 'Stonger Than My Love'

British singer-songwriter serenades us with this warm and wistful piano-led swoon

Felix Räuber - 'Colors'

German artist showcases his new EP with this bright and uplifting alt-pop stunner

Rachelle Rhienne X Will Wallace - 'Greenlight'

British artists keep our spirits high on this bright and glossy dance-pop stomper

Leena Voxx - 'My Hair'

London-based frontwoman sweeps us away with this bold and pulsing alt-pop gem

Mal The Oddity - 'Alone With You'

Brooklyn-based artist takes his cues from Frank Ocean with this smooth and enticing new release

Steven Bamidele - 'This Won't Happen A Second Time'

British frontman takes influence from Jordan Rakei with this smooth and sweeping neo-soul groove

SOMBRA - 'Are You Well?'

Canadian outfit bring a distinct and diverse sound to their latest electro-indie belter

Xhoana X - 'Deepest Pleasure'

US frontwoman delivers a wonderfully dark and pulsing slice of alt-pop

Jaguar Jonze - 'Murder'

Australian frontwoman returns with another bold and anthemic alt-pop stunner

KALI - 'Back To The Start'

US frontwoman introduces herself with this bright and uplifting pop-rock debut

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