Kayls - 'Can't Go Home Right Now'

US frontwoman brings the same pulsing sound as Billie Eilish to her latest dark-pop belter

Psychobabel - 'Chaotic Neutral'

Australian outfit crack out the killer riffs for this bold and thunderous alt-rock stomper

Obscura Hail - 'Penumbra'

Australian outfit channel the laid-back feel of Car Seat Headrest on this breezy indie-rock gem

Zustra - 'The Dream Of Reason'

Emerging frontwoman sweeps us away with this bright and euphoric alt-pop gem

Keir - 'Say Love'

Bristol-based frontman delivers a wonderfully bold and atmospheric alt-pop stunner

Alex Frew - 'Antisocial Love Song' (Acoustic)

British singer-songwriter shares a sweet and humble rendition of his latest single

Harry Nathan - 'High'

Australian artist previews his new EP with this smooth and groove-filled disco-pop jam

Video Violence - 'Call Me By Your Name'

US outfit bring a much-needed dose of energy to our lives with this uplifting surf-rock jam

ROZET - 'Rigamarole'

US artist brings some bright and bouncing energy to her latest alt-pop stomper

Slow Pineapple - 'Modern Emergencies'

US outfit take their cues from Kasabian on this bold and breezy indie-rock groove

Bathe Alone - 'Limbo'

US producer showcases her new album with this warm and sweeping electronic delight

Magon - 'Aerodynamic'

French outfit preview their new album with this light and breezy indie-rock groove

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