Yawn - 'Wasting Time'

Canadian frontwoman channels the wistful sound of Weyes Blood on this vibrant new release

Mellofellow - 'Something Different'

Australian outfit showcase their new album with this broad and atmospheric psych-rock jam

Andrew Cushin - 'Where's My Family Gone'

British frontman brings the same soaring energy as Miles Kane to his latest indie-rock groove

Joni - 'Never Going Back'

LA-based frontwoman unveils a wonderfully bright and uplifting slice of alt-pop

Jack Rua - 'Isolation'

Irish artist delivers a bold and bouncing 80s-tinged alt-pop belter

Chloe Rodgers - 'Faces'

Nottingham-based frontwoman delivers a wonderfully breezy new single

Burning Pools - 'White'

US outfit crack out the killer riffs for this bold and thunderous a slice of alt-rock

STATHI - 'Her Memoir'

US frontman previews his debut EP with this bright and pulsing indie-rock belter

The Soods - 'Wounded Cardinals'

US outfit take their cues from Arctic Monkeys with this smooth and sweeping indie-rock groove

Kite - 'Hand Out The Drugs'

Swedish outfit unveil a wonderfully bold and powerful slice of euphoric electro-pop

South For Winter - 'Stone'

New Zealand-based outfit preview their debut album with this warm and wistful acoustic-led swoon

Kota - 'Harvest'

Australian outfit crack out the killer riffs for this bold and anthemic alt-rock stunner

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