Jenny Banai - 'Paper Plain'

Canadian frontwoman previews her new album with this smooth and dreamy indie-rock delight

Josh Fudge - 'Second Date'

US frontman takes his cues from Toro Y Moi with this sweet and sweeping psych-pop delight

The Criticals - 'High Life Clinic'

US outfit showcase their new EP with this bright and thunderous slice of garage-rock

Glom - 'Matches'

US outfit preview their next album with this smooth yet pulsing indie-rock gem, with shades of Weezer

Liimo - 'Miracle'

Scottish outfit preview their debut album with this glittering alt-pop belter

Rebecka Reinhard - 'Poison'

Swedish frontwoman showcases her new EP with this sweet and sweeping dream-pop gem

Thor Rixon - 'Lies'

Berlin-based frontman takes influence from Toro Y Moi for this smooth and funk-filled new groove

Joe Parsons - 'Pilot'

London-based frontman previews his debut album with this warm and soaring alt-pop gem

Emily Laing - 'I Feel Fine'

Rising frontwoman keeps it lively on this fun and bouncing alt-pop delight

Baby Fuzz - 'We're All Gonna Die!!!'

US outfit preview their new album with this fun and upbeat punk-inspired delight

Örnsberg - 'I Love You'

Swedish producer keeps it bright on this light and uplifting electro-pop gem, with nods to Passion Pit

FeelsClub - 'Skin'

Australian outfit preview their new EP with this bold and pulsing techno-inspired stomper

Kitten Heel - 'Needs To Go'

Australian outfit take influence from Cut Copy with this bright and glimmering electro-pop gem

Luna Blue - 'Dance With Your Heart'

Brighton-based outfit return with another bright and euphoric pop-rock belter

Good Dog - 'Stay And Rest For A While'

London-based songwriter introduces himself with this light and sweeping indie-pop gem

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