Jacko Hooper - 'How Lucky We Are'

British singer-songwriter takes his cues from Damien Rice on this warm and wistful acoustic-led swoon

Fergus - 'Young Tonight'

London-based artist returns with another warm and sweeping alt-pop gem

Boy Pablo - 'Hey Girl'

Norwegian frontman takes his cues from Mac DeMarco with this smooth and sweeping psych-pop groove

Hoofa - 'Water Balloons'

British outfit bring the same upbeat flavour as Marsicans to their latest indie-pop delight

NRVS - 'Revolution Traffic'

British outfit follow up their debut singles with this bold and pulsing punk-inspired anthem

Kids Love Surf - 'OYO'

British duo introduce themselves with this warm and uplifting dream-pop debut

Hollow Coves - 'Evermore'

Australian duo serenade us with a warm and wistful acoustic-led swoon, with nods to Ben Howard

Jack In Water - 'Wise Up'

British singer-songwriter shares his bright and woozy acoustic-led rendition of the Aimee Mann classic

Baby Fuzz - 'Weekend Blues'

US outfit return with another bright yet totally bonkers slice of alt-pop, with hints of Superorganism

Tower - 'I Knew We Were Old'

LA-based outfit deliver a firm and fresh indie-rock stunner, with hints of Weezer

Vagabond Specter - 'Saturdust'

British outfit bring the same soaring sound as Sea Girls to their latest indie-rock belter

Celeste - 'I Can See The Change'

British frontwoman returns with another bold and atmospheric soul-infused serenade

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