MAYLA - 'Gun'

German outfit showcase their debut album with this smooth and psychedelic dream-pop gem

LUC - 'Glow'

LA-based outfit take their cues from St. Vincent with this thumping electro-rock stomper

Two Feet - 'You?'

US outfit blend a touch of blues-rock into this bold and thunderous alt-rock belter

DVR - 'This Is The Day'

US outfit take mix a dash of disco into this pulsing electro-pop groove, with shades of Hurts

KELAA - 'Serefe'

Swedish frontwoman takes her cues from Robyn with this pounding electro-pop stomper

18PM - 'Idontknowwhyieventry'

LA-based outfit preview their new EP with this warm and energetic dream-pop release

Your Girl Pho - 'Don't Wanna'

Australian frontwoman takes influence from Kali Uchis for this smooth and soulful RnB-inspired jam

Heartcave - 'Santa Barbara'

US frontman adds a touch of disco to his latest electro-pop belter, with nods to Passion Pit

Be Quiet. Shout Loud! - 'Answerphone'

British outfit follow up their latest EP with this fresh and anthemic pop-rock stomper, with hints of You Me At 6

Eyelar & Kid Brunswick - 'Good 2 You'

Dutch pairing take their cues from Bastille with this bold and euphoric alt-pop gem

M.I.L.K. - 'Summer Freckles'

Danish frontman cracks out the killer basslines for this fresh and uplifting disco-pop jam

Tuvaband - 'He Said Me Too'

Norwegian outfit preview their next album with this warm and dreamy shoegaze-inspired single

Hannah Warm - 'Turn The Tables'

Japanese frontwoman channels some serious funk for this pulsing, bass-filled neo-soul jam

Picture This - 'One Night'

Irish outfit return with another bold and soaring pop-rock anthem, with nods to Twin Atlantic

Vesce - 'Broken'

British frontman previews his new EP with this warm and ethereal James Blake-inspired release

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