Scenic Route To Alaska - 'Polarized'

Canadian outfit unveil a bold and anthemic slice of indie-rock, with shades of The Amazons

Close Talker - 'Second Best'

Canadian outfit take their cues from The War On Drugs with this smooth and sweeping indie-rock groove

Great Mountain Fire - 'What You Want Me To Be'

Belgian outfit look to keep the summer alive with this bright and funk-filled indie-pop gem

Butterfly Ali - '5 Minutes'

LA-based frontman channels some serious funk on this bold and groove-filled new jam

Nutrients - 'Always In Bloom'

Canadian outfit take their cues from Real Estate with this smooth and laid-back indie-pop groove

Partner - 'Big Gay Hands'

Canadian outfit bring the swagger on this fun and jangled blues-rock stomper

ISHI - 'Your Season'

Swedish-born producer returns with a bold and diverse hip-hop jam, with nods to Jay-Z

RARIA - 'Break Up With Her'

Australian frontwoman delivers a wonderfully sweet and glossy pop gem

Wildlife Moon - 'You Don't Have To Hide'

US outfit follow up their stunning debut single with this bright and galloping indie-rock delight

The Juniper Berries - 'Queen Of Taboo'

US frontman showcases his new album with this breezy yet raw indie-rock stunner, with shades of Car Seat Headrest

Pirra - 'Limousine Lies'

Australian outfit take their cues from The Naked And Famous with this fun and upbeat indie-pop delight

Caiine - 'Breakdown'

British frontwoman returns with this bright and soaring piano-led ballad

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