Harrison Caldeira - 'Dreams'

Canadian singer-songwriter gets romantic on his latest acoustic single

Jouska - 'Time Will Show'

Norwegian electro-pop act deliver a slow but moving release with nods to Charli XCX

Model Child - 'Too Much Night'

US electro artist brings some grizzly bass to his latest euphoric release

MONA - 'Gold Baby'

Swedish frontwoman brings some expert production to her euphoric RnB release

Antagonista - 'Schedules In Reverse'

US post-punk duo share a wistful yet toe-tapping delight with their new single

Capitano - 'Good Times (For Bad Habits)'

Canadian rock outfit get on their dancing shoes for this fun and loveable romp

Wy - 'Indolence'

Swedish shoegazers keep it lo-fi with their latest brooding release

Belle Mt - 'Let Me'

London-based trio bring an anthemic edge to their latest release

Esther Vallee - 'Numbers'

Swedish frontwoman channels the modern pop sound of Dua Lipa for her new cut

Orlon Gunner - 'Closer'

Canadian singer-songwriter brings some funk to his latest single

Lou Val - 'Rush Hour'

Canadian frontman takes his cues from The Weeknd with this beefy stomper

Jon Vinyl - 'Nostalgia'

Canadian frontman brings a warped style of production to his latest RnB croon

Hoult - 'Pharmacy'

British frontman takes his indie-pop cues from Bombay Bicycle Club for this euphoric new single

BRNS - 'Encounter'

Belgian rock outfit take the same experimental edge as Everything Everything to their latest release

Black Beach Baby - 'Nothing'

Swedish indie-rock outfit share a serene and enjoyable new release with hints of The Strokes

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