Zerbin - 'Bonnie Doon'

Canadian outfit take their cues from Bastille on this bold and pulsing pop-rock gem

Andy Martin - 'My Hearts Not Beating In Time'

Australian frontman brings the same breezy feel as The War On Drugs to his latest indie-rock jam

Marc Scibilia - 'This Dream' ft. Cory Wong

US frontman channels the soaring sound of Bleachers on this stunning pop-rock belter

Jack Conman - 'Before You Love Me'

British singer-songwriter serenades us with this warm and wistful lo-fi swoon

Mulay - 'Shame'

Berlin-based frontwoman introduces herself with this rich and atmospheric RnB-inspired debut

Vicki Lovelee - 'Summer Is Fallin'

Canadian frontwoman returns with another bright and uplifting slice of chamber-pop

The Blowies - 'Russian Democracy'

US outfit mix classic rock n roll with a punk attitude on this fun and bouncing new jam

Crash Cathedral - 'MoodRing'

US outfit bring the same pulsing vibe as The 1975 to their latest pop-rock stunner

The Bunkers - 'Secret Files'

Finnish outfit take their cues from the Britpop sound with this fresh and vibrant indie-rock belter

KHARTOUM - 'New Cold War'

London-based outfit bring the same bouncing feel as The Cribs to this breezy indie-rock gem

Felid - 'Blame'

Bristol-based producer channels the bold sound of Glass Animals on this powerful psych-pop stomper

Quinn DeVeaux - 'Been Too Long'

US frontman channels some serious soul for this smooth and enticing new groove

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