Bad Flamingo - 'Open The Gates'

US outfit bring a Tarrantino-esque vibe to this smooth and soulful blues-rock croon

Ariza - 'Distracted'

US frontman takes influence from the classic soul sound on this pulsing and euphoric blues-rock stomper

Red Rum Club - 'Kids Addicted'

British outfit crack out the brass for this fast and energetic indie-rock belter

Barland Garnett - 'Phrynes'

US producer takes influence from Four Tet with this broad and diverse electronic groove

Sam Weber - 'It's All Happening'

Canadian frontman previews his new album with this smooth and galloping folk-inspired gem

Waldo Witt - 'Crystal Ball'

US frontman unveils a smooth and psychedelic slice of indie-pop, with hints of Metronomy

Francis Groove - 'Can't Wait' ft. Nd Friends

Belgian producer blends sultry RnB with a bold, club aesthetic on this pounding new release

Rico Rolando - 'Heartbreak'

Cayman Islands singer serenades us with this warm and vibrant RnB-inspired swoon

Salute The Sun - 'All To You'

Bristol-based outfit bring the same flair as Chromeo to their latest disco-infused electro-pop stomper

Sleepy Soul - 'All I Want'

US outfit deliver a laid-back and chilled slice of dream-pop, with nods to Mac DeMarco

Butter Bath - 'Stray Cats'

Australian frontman introduces himself with this warm and woozy Connan Mockasin-inspired debut

Clock Opera - 'Be Somebody Else'

British outfit take their cues from Everything Everything with this bold and irreverent alt-pop jam

The Hubbards - 'Seven Or Eleven'

British outfit follow in the footsteps of Weezer with this bold and anthemic alt-rock groove

Dansu - 'State Of Mind'

Dutch outfit return with another fresh and vibrant slice of indie-pop, with shades of Two Door Cinema Club

Whilk & Misky - 'Smoke'

British outfit showcase their new EP with this bold and groove-filled blues-rock jam

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