Zoe Konez - 'The Sweetest Thing Is Love'

London-based frontwoman sereandes us with this bold and anthemic piano-led swoon

Anna Pancaldi - 'Peace'

British frontwoman takes her cues from Courtney Barnett with this stomping indie-rock jam

MEI - 'Afrowalk' ft. Shelia Maurice-Grey

London-based frontwoman channels some serious soul on this brass-filled jam

Go!Zilla - 'Demons Are Closer'

Italian outfit showcase their latest album with this explosive and riff-filled rock jam

Black Bear Whisper - '1000 Eyes'

Danish frontwoman keeps it funky on this upbeat and energetic electro-pop groove, with hints of Tune-Yards

Lou Stone - 'Fictions'

British singer-songwriter introduces himself with this swooning and sweeping debut, taken from his debut EP

UNBLOOM - 'Lost Myself'

Canadian frontman brings out the bold production for this bouncing electro-pop stunner, with nods to Charli XCX

Gion Stump & The Lighthouse Project - 'Morning Dew'

Swiss outfit preview their latest album with this delightfully upbeat indie-pop delight

Safetalk - 'Static'

British outfit channel the wistful side of Hot Chip on this atmospheric electro-pop jam

The Salesman - 'Kevin The Frustrated Ocelot'

US frontman cracks out the brass for this fun-filled indie-pop groove, with hints of The Shins

Monica Martin - 'Cruel'

LA-based frontwoman introduces herself with this sweeping and soaring RnB-inspired debut

Salt Ashes - 'Go All Out'

British frontwoman takes influence from Chvrches on this bold and thumping electro-pop stomper

No Man's Valley - 'Lies'

Dutch outfit deliver a dark and brooding indie-rock thumper, with hints of Queens Of The Stone Age

vaz. - 'What Will Be.'

Canadian frontman follows in the footsteps of The Weeknd with this sombre yet uplifting RnB groove

Modern Adventures - 'Catch Me'

US outfit bring a snese of soul to their latest indie-rock release, with nods to Catfish & The Bottlemen

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