Cinzia & The Eclipse - 'Runaway'

Canadian outfit unveil a wonderfully bold and anthemic pop-rock stomper, with hints of Florence & The Machine

Yaehsun - 'Sunburnt Lullaby'

Canadian artist unveils a wonderfully bright and breezy slice of instrumental psych-rock

j. pastel - 'Senegal'

Chicago-based producer bring the funk on this shimmering and summery slice of bedroom-pop

Thor Rixon - 'Won't Stop Crying'

Berlin-based producer channels the breezy sound of Toro Y Moi on this groove-filled indie-pop gem

Sam Johnson - 'Changes'

British singer-songwriter previews his new EP with this bold and euphoric alt-pop stunner

Felix Räuber - 'Autsider'

German producer returns with a bright and bouncing alt-pop delight, with hints of Imagine Dragons

Kowloon - 'Come Over'

LA-based producer brings the same bouncing synth sound as NZCA LINES for his latest alt-pop gem

Glom - 'Fungus'

US outfit preview their new album with this bright and uplifting slice of indie-rock

Jaguar Jonze - 'Deadalive'

Australian frontwoman previews her new EP with this fast-paced and energetic alt-rock-inspired stomper

Maude Latour - 'Block Your Number'

US frontwoman brings the same bouncing sound as Charli XCX to this frantic electro-pop stunner

P!NCH - 'Big Cat' ft. GIRLI

Emerging producer Brijs introduces his new project with this bold and bouncing indie-pop delight

Joensuu 1685 - 'All Around You'

Finnish outfit showcase their latest album with this bright and uplifting psych-pop gem

Luminous Kid - 'A Restless Heart Would Rather Float In Space'

Swedish singer-songwriter serenades us with this warm and wistful acoustic-led swoon

Dark Tropics - 'Moroccan Sun'

Belfast-based outfit keep it breezy with this light and upbeat dream-pop delight

THEO - 'Let This Go'

British frontwoman previews her new EP with this smooth and pulsing neo-soul delight

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