Stereo Specter - 'Forgive And Reset'

US frontman channels the sound of The War On Drugs on this euphoric indie-rock anthem

Big Creature - 'Work'

Australian outfit take on the bold, funk-filled sound of Prince on their latest single

Darcie - 'Darling'

British frontwoman follows in the footsteps of Jorja Smith on this warped and warm RnB jam

Wesley Jensen & The Penny Arcade - 'Talking'

US outfit take their woozy indie-rock cues from Mac DeMarco on this laid-back summertime jam

Brooks Thomas - 'Good Sleep'

US outfit preview their new album with this wonderfully smooth indie-pop delight

Catlow - 'Settle Up'

Canadian outfit get raucous on this thunderous rock anthem, with nods to Hole

Charles Fauna - 'Something Human'

Brooklyn-based frontman gets euphoric on this wonderfully atomspheric indie-rock soarer

TMO - 'Always Be A Place'

German outfit channel a diverse range of influences on this bounding electro-pop release

Dot Vom - 'Maddie Mori'

US outfit preview their new EP with this woozy yet uplifting shoegaze-inspired swoon

Flavia Abadía - 'Trumpets'

Canadian frontwoman returns with this sunshine-filled, dancehall-inspired stomper

Passenger - 'Heart To Love'

British frontman previews his next albumn with a wonderfully uplifting serenade

Children Of The State - 'Kill Your Darlings'

British outfit preview their new EP with a wistful yet upbeat indie-rock croon

Jade The Moon - 'The Tide'

Toronto-based outfit unleash some serious bass on this progressive electro-pop thumper

Nikhil - 'Blind'

Indian frontman showcases his wonderful voice on this anthemic pop release

Small Million - 'Lone'

Potland-based duo take their cues from the synth-pop sound on this euphoric new stomper

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