Sam Johnson - 'Stuck Under The Surface'

British singer-songwriter channels the progressive sound of Ben Howard for this uplifting new single

JunkBunny - 'Sedona'

US outfit bring the same anthemic attitude as SWMRS to their latest alt-rock stomper

Colatura - 'John Wayne'

New York-based outfit return with this energetic yet woozy indie-rock gem, with shades of The Walkmen

Living Hour - 'Hallboy'

Canadian outfit bring the same lofty sound as Beach House to their latest dream-pop serenade

Ethan French - 'Why Don't We Go'

Australian frontman previews his new EP with this soft and soaring piano-led swoon

Patiently Awaiting The Meteorite - 'Devil's In My Car'

Canadian outfit unveil a smooth and soulful slice of sombre indie-rock, with nods to The Black Keys

Jungle Brown - 'We On' ft. Sampa The Great

London-based collective showacse their new album with this smooth and laid-back hip-hop vibe

SMO - 'Mother'

Canadian outfit take their cues from Father John Misty for this light and lofty indie-rock croon

Casual Male - 'Laughter From The Beach'

US frontman brings the same sultry vibes as Mac DeMarco to his latest laid-back jam

Miriam Clancy - 'The Sound'

New Zealand frontwoman previews her long-awaited new album with this bold and euphoric electro-pop belter

Drens - 'Heat'

German outfit take influence from SWMRS for this fast and energetic indie-pop stomper

Disco Shrine - 'Alright'

US frontwoman follows in the footsteps of Charli XCX with this broad and bold electro-pop thumper

Sail By Summer - 'Lower Your Voice'

Norwegian outfit channel the wistful tones of Fleet Foxes for this smooth and folk-inspired indie-rock swoon

Orouni - 'The Lives Of Elevators'

French outfit take influence from Belle & Sebastian with this light and airy indie-pop gem

Miles Island - 'Don't Ask'

US frontman previews his debut album with this smooth and pulsing acoustic-led jam

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