Harry Mold - 'Drain'

London-based frontman brings the energy on this fast-paced and explosive indie-rock romp

Daya - 'Left Me Yet'

US frontwoman takes her cues from MØ for this fresh and vibrant pop belter

Jungle Brown - 'Keep It Moving'

British outfit preview their second album with this nod to the old school sound of hip-hop

Chris Larocca - 'Salt'

Canadian frontman previews his next EP with this wonderfully warm and wistful chillwave groove

James Bay - 'Bad' (Live)

British singer-songwriter delivers a beautifully stripped-down live rendition of his latest swoon

Paso Viejo - 'Kitsune'

Argentinian outfit take influence from The Mars Volta for this progressive yet erratic alt-rock stunner

Finja - 'Calling You Home'

Australian singer-songwriter takes inspiration from First Aid Kit for this sweeping new croon

Ask Carol - 'Come Closer'

Norwegian frontwoman brings the same passion as Mitski to her latest indie-rock stomper

At Mission Dolores - 'Jon Eeks Bets On The Horses'

Canadian outfit showcase their debut album with this warm and psychedelic new release

The Weight - 'Operator'

Austrian outfit bring a sense of fun to their latest blues-inspired indie-pop jam

Childmind - 'Moon Day'

Swedish frontman previews his debut album with this warped and wild psych-rock instrumental

Emma Lamontagne - 'Love Games'

Canadian frontwoman brings the same euphoric electro-pop sound as Sigrid to her latest cut

Close Talker - 'Pace'

Canadian outfit preview their new album with this smooth and blissful indie-rock jam

Wei Wei - 'Human Being'

US frontwoman takes her cues from Robyn with this bouncing electro-pop delight

Wandour - 'Flux'

British producer takes influence from Burial for this warm and atmospheric new release

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