Pastis - 'Who Left You Standing By The Seashore?'

Finnish outfit channel the wistful sound of The Coral for this toe-tapping indie-pop delight

Sam Wilde - 'If You Stay'

Leeds-based frontman takes his grizzled cues from Royal Blood for this brooding indie-rock stomper

Digby Jones - 'Thank You Very Much'

British producer keeps us dreaming of sunny beaches with this laid-back, hip-hop-inspired vibe

Immanu El - 'Rain'

Swedish outfit preview their new album with this soaring and euphoric dream-pop delight

Leanne Robinson - 'New Ting'

British frontwoman channels the classic soul sound of Lauryn Hill for this pulsing RnB groove

Alffa - 'Full Moon Vulture'

Welsh outfit bring the same tenacious energy as Royal Blood to their latest alt-rock thumper

Terence Jack - 'Found It'

Canadian outfit preview their next studio album with this euphoric and lively electro-indie gem

The Avener - 'Wild' ft. TIWAYO

French producer takes focus on the neo-soul sound for this smooth and pulsing new release

Social Contract - 'The Devil's Sweat'

South London-based outfit channel the vibe of Interpol for this galloping indie-rock belter

Jake Troth - 'Open Door'

US singer-songwriter previews his new album with this warm and wistful serenade, with nods to Conor Oberst

The Astronots - 'Wandering Eyes'

LA-based outfit blend psych-rock with a laid-back 60s vibe on this upbeat new jam

Wilder Woods - 'Light Shine In'

US frontman previews his debut album with this bold and sweeping soul-inspired stunner

Meltt - 'Footprints Of The Sun'

Canadian outfit take their cues from Tame Impala with this broad and euphoric psych-rock groove

Companyon - 'Runaway'

US frontman delivers a fresh and vibrant indie-pop delight, with hints of The 1975

Picsel - 'Fucked Society'

British outfit take aim at the state of the world today with this energetic and punchy pop-rock stomper

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