Places Back Home - 'Not I'

US outfit deliver a bold and progressive slice of indie-rock, with shades of Explosions In The Sky

Geoffroy - 'The Fear Of Falling Apart'

Canadian frontman takes influence from James Blake with this soft and uplifting new release

Patient Hands - 'Stasis'

Canadian frontman previews his new EP with this warm and ethereal indie-rock delight

Fire Fences - 'Take Control'

British outfit follow in the footsteps of The Amazons with this loud and energetic alt-rock stomper

IYEARA - 'Exhale'

London-based outfit preview their new EP with this dark, Depeche Mode-inspired stomper

Juno Mamba - 'Flicker'

Australian producer channels the progressive sound of Four Tet for this pulsing electronic groove

Smoke Fairies - 'Disconnect'

British outfit take influence from Beth Orton with this smooth and jangled indie-rock croon

Suumhow - 'Bora Bora'

Belgian outfit preview their second album with this smooth and soulful slice of progressive trip-hop

Transit Club - 'Bells'

Swedish outfit bring the same uplifting vibes as The 1975 on this euphoric pop-rock gem

Jon Campbell - 'Francis'

US singer-songwriter serenades us with this warm and wistful acoustic-led ballad

HATE DRUGS - 'Take A Look Around'

US outfit channel the light and upbeat tones of Two Door Cinema Club for this vibrant indie-pop jam

Bland Orlando - 'Wasted'

Irish frontman follows in the footsteps of Bon Iver for this groove-filled lo-fi cut

Jenny Kern - 'Old Friend'

US singer-songwriter takes influence from Phoebe Bridgers on this dark and pulsing new release

PODGE - 'Such A Steal'

US outfit bring the same whimsy as Superorganism to this bright and eccentric psych-pop delight

Morcheeba Productions - 'Dreamer'

British outfit preview their debut album with this smooth and soulful slice of trip-hop

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