Tamu Massif - 'NEVERLEAVE'

Bristol-based artist returns with a broad and diverse slice of sweeping dream-pop gold

Punomo - 'Siskot'

Finnish outfit take their cues from Ibibio Sound Machine with this fun and funky new groove

Bess Atwell - 'Time Comes In Roses'

British singer-songwriter returns with a wonderfully warm and uplifting acoustic-led swoon

Valencia - 'Not At My Best'

LA-based duo keep the grooves high with this fresh and pulsing electro-pop stunner

Anne Reburn - 'Dammit All'

US frontwoman previews her new EP with this bright and summery indie-pop delight

SLUGS - 'I Could Do Better'

US outfit channel a rich and psychedelic atmosphere for this smooth and enticing indie-rock jam

Jonny Lucas - 'It Hits Me'

British frontman explores a world of smooth and breezy tones for this pulsing psych-pop gem

Zozo Ginsburg - 'Boots'

Israeli frontwoman takes influence from the classic punk sound for this energetic new belter

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