Elizsabeth - 'I Choose Myself'

London-based frontwoman shows off her impressive voice on this soft and airy new release

Paper Thieves - 'Avalanche'

Germany-based outfit bring a euphoric side to the psych-pop sound on this atmospheric new single

KiddSpectro - 'Galaxy' ft. K Jae

US producer follows in the footsteps of Disclosure with this warm and luxurious RnB-inspired stomper

Ivytide - 'Way Of Loving'

Montreal-based outfit aim to blend the world of indie-pop and RnB on this smooth and laid-back new release

Sloth Racer - 'She And I'

US outfit bring the funk on this sun-kissed and blissful indie-pop groove, with hints of Weezer

Daddy Who - 'Space Jam'

German outfit take their cues from Air with this airy and sweeping trip-hop-inspired beat

JAC - 'Thick'

US frontman brings the same pounding sound as The Weeknd to his latest RnB-funk stomper

Paradisia - 'What A Fool'

British frontwoman takes influence from Solange with this light and spacious RnB-inspired swoon

At Horse - 'The Open Sea'

Swedish outfit take their cues from Mumford & Sons with this galloping folk-pop thumper

Tribe Friday - 'Thank God!'

Swedish outfit showcase their new EP with this fresh and fun indie-pop delight, with nods to The Kooks

TENTS - 'Medicine'

Portland-based outfit deliver a wonderfully bold and uplifting pop-rock stomper, with shades of Of Monsters And Men

Sealife - 'Bodhi Wave' ft. Veronica Topacio

Seattle-based frontman takes inspiration from Tame Impala with this airy psych-pop beauty

Sabiine - 'Truth Hurts'

US frontwoman reinvents the Lizzo belter with this soft and subdued new swoon

Daniella Mason - 'Deepest Of Wells'

US frontwoman takes influence from Sia with this warped and atmospheric RnB-inspired groove

Fat Tommy - 'Little Things'

Melbourne-based outfit look to mix the indie-pop sound with a slice of funk on their latest jam

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