Aaron Taos - 'Bangs'

US frontman pays homage to his favourite hairstyle on this toe-tapping new single

Lo Lytes - 'Hurting You'

US outfit mix Michael Jackson style production with a contemporary twist for this catchy pop release

Mauer - 'Ease The Pain'

Swedish rockers bring back the classic sound of road-trip rock for their latest release

Born Again Virgins - 'No Alibi'

US singer-songwriter takes influence from Radiohead for their latest single

TyLuv. - 'Silent Goodbyes'

US frontman channels the sound of The Weeknd for his post-modern RnB release

Kipp Boucher - 'Exuberance'

Brighton-born frontman gets dark and brooding for his latest laid-back release

Precious Child - 'My Little Problem (Violet Door)'

US post-punk artist blends industrial rock with goth-like undertones for his new single

Sara Phillips - 'Try'

Canadian frontwoman transends brilliance with her euphoric new ballad

Dysplay - 'Long Way To Go'

Los Angeles duo create an upbeat slice of electro-pop brilliance for their new single

The Brothers Moore - 'Careless'

US indie-rockers give us their latest toe-tapping release in the style of Kings Of Leon

The Karmanauts - 'Come Dance'

Indie-rockers channel the sound of Counting Crows for their new single

Malk - 'Chuppa Churpp'

Australian outfit deliver a psyched-out slice of conscious hip-hop, reminant of Ghostpoet

Apollo - 'Arrival'

Canadian producer takes his cues from Justice on this glitchy new club banger

James Wyatt Crosby - 'Nobody Else'

Canadian singer-songwriter brings some sunshine into our lives with this indie-pop ditty

Saunas - 'My Body'

US outfit combine the sound of Animal Collective with an 80s vibe for one fun single

Crane - 'Evil'

US alt-pop outfit deliver a dark and brooding cut for their latest release

Abby Diamond - 'yes my heart is open, no you can't come in'

US singer-songwriter brings out yet another emotionally-charged pop banger

Des - 'Don't You Worry'

US synth-popper rekindles the sounds of MGMT and Foster The People for their catchy new release

Hidden vs. A Dude Named Drew - 'Onslaught'

US rappers come together spit some powerful truth on this heavy new cut

Peter Sonic - 'The Cracks'

Australian producer takes his cues from Beck for this groovy new jam

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