Poliça - 'When We Stay Alive'


During the release of their 2018 collaborative LP 'Music For The Long Emergency' alongside s t a r g a z e, a near tragedy was almost befallen on Poliça. While clearing ice from her roof, frontwoman Channy Leaneagh took a serious fall, smashing her L1 vertebrae, battering her spine, and leaving her in a brace with limited mobility for months. Although this was of course a serious setback for her and the band, it was a positive time of reflection for her, using the time to reclaim her identity in both music and the band she helms. And after time to recover, they now return with their eagerly-awaited new full-length 'When We Stay Alive'.

While 'Music For The Long Emergency' was a clear departure from their core sound, 'When We Stay Alive' sees them adopt a far more minimal approach to their direction. Records like 'United Crushers' were these grand and bulbous onslaughts of sound that looked to knock you off your feet, but this new collection uses for more lo-fi instrumentation, giving Leaneagh's voice centre stage and creating a far more atmospheric intention. The group's synth-pop roots still remain a staple here, but they seem more focused on drawing us in with subtle eccentricities than making a loud and impactful entrance.

'When We Stay Alive' certainly feels like the start of something new for Poliça. With a broader and more trip-hop-inspired aesthetic, this new collection aims to see them reinvent their dynamic into something far more ethereal than what we are used to. A bold and vibrant continuation that still has plenty of avenues to explore.

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