Róisín Murphy - 'Róisín Machine'


While she still holds a special place in many hearts as the lead singer of dance music juggernauts Moloko in the 90s, Róisín Murphy's work in this century has been met with near universal acclaim ever since she began her solo career. As an artist that has a strong fondness for nightlife and culture, her music has always looked to be one step ahead of the scene, regularly adopting unconventional ideas that soon take root after she displayed them first. So with so much ingenuity running through her veins, she looks to bring the nightclub to a home setting on her fifth full-length 'Róisín Machine'.

Although the majority of this collection was recorded long before the pandemic started, sometimes years prior, 'Róisín Machine' has this incredibly dextrous aesthetic that kind of makes it perfect to listen to anywhere except a nightclub. While it still looks to maintain that 3am feel throughout, there is something mild and humble about these new tracks that don't necessarily make you want to dance. Instead the album moves with this subtle electronic grace that sees her share the limelight with the beats and bass to deliver a record that once again puts her at the forefront of the alternative club scene.

From the start, 'Róisín Machine' is about pursuing a journey within its direction. Much like a DJ mixing the tunes together, this release never looks to break its momentum and creates a solid and succinct adventure through numerous guises, resulting in one of the most distinct and proficient dance music albums we have heard all year.

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