Sea Girls - 'Open Up Your Head'


For the last few years, emerging indie-rock favourites Sea Girls have been slowly working their way into the new music consciousness. While their initial singles were catchy, they still hadn't quite carved out a niche for themselves and so felt a little more like copycats of what had come before. But after a string of distinct and memorable offerings, it was quickly becoming clear that they were no longer just a confident upstater but potentially the next big band in the country. So now they pass that first major milestone of their career by releasing their long-awaited debut album 'Open Up Your Head', a record that cements everything they have managed to earn so far.

From the very start, it is clear that these guys know how to write an engaging pop track. Almost every single offering on this initial offering has its own distinct and insatiable hook, showing that they have been far from low on ideas for this new full-length. And while they continually toe the line between a commercial aesthetic and something more unique to themselves, even the glossier and more radio-friendly cuts even have that progressive edge to them, leaving us feeling like this is just the beginning of a very strong career for the four-piece.

It may not be the most groundbreaking collection we could have hoped for, but 'Open Up Your Head' still brims with confidence and a vibrant energy that very few have managed to capture in recent times. Sea Girls have secured themselves on the new music landscape with this release, and now the world is their oyster.

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