Talons - 'New Topographics'


When you are an instrumental band, there is generally a limit to the style of music you can create. You can either go for the Spinal Tap inspired jazz odyssey route or head in a more atmospheric and powerful direction. Thankfully, Talons are far on the latter side of this analogy and have once again returned with an emotionally, spellbinding new album. Their latest work 'New Topographics', their third full-length in just four years, has taken the post-rock sound and spliced it with orchestral accompaniment to give us a far more eclectic experience than we first expected.

Not a band that looks to stay still on a record, Talons have ventured into a whole variety of styles to give us an album with deep and emotional intent that plays like the score to nail-biting thriller. Lead by a ferocious guitar, the album has this incredible energy that builds throughout every song, giving every track its own zenith and making the album a real roller coaster of sound and power. The lack of vocals are a real plus here as this record needs all the focus concentrated on the music to make it a truly immersive collection of tracks.

Talons are already well-received for their impressive catalogue but this new addition is certainly something you do not hear very often. Its sheer strength as a record is impressive and is definitely one to get aquatinted with.

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