Tim Burgess - 'Typical Music'


While his formative outfit The Charlatans have never been ones to shy away from broad and explorative ideals in their thirty year tenure, frontman Tim Burgess has usually used his solo outings to venture down his own distinctive path. Throughout his work as a solo performer, he has delivered a rich and vibrant array of offerings that see him push the boundaries of his chosen direction, more than many other names in his position. But now returning with his sixth solo album 'Typical Music', it is clear that he has now thrown caution to the wind to unveil his most adventurous LP to date.

Hot off the heels of a very prolific 2020, which included his full-length 'I Love The New Sky' and EP 'Ascent Of The Ascended', at 22 tracks in length, 'Typical Music' really pushes the efforts of the man at the helm and makes for a bold and sprawling listen throughout. Largely influenced by an energetic yet psychedelic aesthetic that really stands out amongst his and other's material to date, this feels like Tim Burgess at his most unfiltered. A smorgasbord of sweet and euphoric gems that somehow come to together to form a cohesive collection, he has really looked to express his true self throughout this new release.

While the 22 tracks may feel a tad daunting for any listener at first, 'Typical Music' has such an easygoing and captivating feel to it, there is hardly a moment that feels worth cutting. Brimming with warm and inventive pursuits at almost every turn, he has really revived himself as a wildly innovative artist on the scene right now.

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