Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes - 'What Kinda Music'


Since releasing his brilliant debut album 'Geography' in 2018, Tom Misch quickly grew from a cult name to one of this country's most prestigious new acts. With a sound that managed to bring funk, soul and jazz into a mainstream setting, the frontman's hybrid direction has been one we have admired for the last few years. But for his second release, he chose to collaborate with a familiar friend Yussef Dayes, a jazz drummer who has worked alongside Misch on a number of projects in the past. Together they have produced 'What Kinda Music', a bold and impressive delve into their own passions and styles.

From the very start, 'What Kinda Music' is the question we ask ourselves when we first switch onto this new collection. With those also the first lyrics we hear from the opener and title-track, it seems to have the urgency and sporadic impulse of a release that was almost entirely improvised throughout. Vocals remain largely absent from this new album, giving both of the creators, and the occasional guest, the chance to show off their musical prowess in an instrumental setting, giving us one of the most captivating and unique records we have heard all year so far.

It feels like the lack of ego that makes this such a enticing collection. While both could easily carry a record on their own, they never try to steal the spotlight from each other but instead bring out the best of their personal abilities. 'What Kinda Music' may be just a one-off collaboration for now, but feels like these two will be back in the studio again without hesitation.

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