TOY - 'Clear Shot'


At the moment, the profile of psych-rock band TOY has never been bigger. While the group have managed to build a cult fanbase from their first two albums, 'TOY' and 'Join The Dots', their collaboration with Bat For Lashes on their 'Sexwitch' project has brought a whole new wave of attention to the group, something they are looking to capitalise on with the release of their third album 'Clear Shot'.

While the band have always been known for this dark and brooding disposition, that isn't how 'Clear Shot' opens up as the album's title track breaks out a fast-paced release with some incredibly catchy hooks. This record certainly seems like a back-to-basics attempt to deliver a far clearer picture of the band's sound, opting less for fuzzed-out guitars and more for a streamlined direction that aims to highlight the quality of their songwriting.

It may not have the same energy or intensity of their previous records, but 'Clear Shot' has this incredibly cohesive sound that manages to create an enticing and engaging release throughout. Certainly a step in the right direction for this group.

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