Action Bronson - 'Mr. Wonderful'


After months of teasing new material, New York rapper Action Bronson finally delivers the follow-up to his 2011 debut album 'Dr. Lecter'. While the last few years have been filled with a flurry of collaborative mixtapes and EPs, this new full-length sees the rapper release his first major label effort after signing to Atlantic and Vice Records in 2013. And while a number of similar MCs have been looking to define themselves as prophets in a new age of hip-hop, Bronson seems to keep himself away from the trend and cut his own path into the genre.

Taking a soulful and gospel-influenced inspiration throughout much of the record, 'Mr. Wonderful' is a diverse and eclectic mix of beats and melodies that act as a suitable backdrop to Bronson's lyrical content. His unique perspective to modern life and love of food creates this metaphor-filled collection of tracks that give the rapper a chance to express his own personal turmoils and excitement over what life is like for him in urbanised America.

While the list of producers on this new record is no doubt exceptional, bringing together The Alchemist, Party Supplies and man of the moment Mark Ronson to create much of the album, it does sometimes segregate the full-lengths overall sound and give it a uneven flow. But it is Bronson's own vocals that keep this collection together and give it the focus and direction it needs.

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