BUHU - 'Yew' US duo get blissful with this swooning and laid-back electro-pop vibe
Only Yours - 'everlasting'
Tom Forest - 'Warrior' (Superfood Rework)
Lauren Rocket - 'Diamond Nights'
Ponte Pilas - 'Out Of My Head'
Barry Bays - 'Dynamite'
Midnight Divide - 'Let It Be Known'
Trace - 'Side Eye' LA-based frontwoman serenades us with this trap-inspired RnB swoon
J Elle - 'Take Me Away'
Phlake - 'Waited All Summer'
Mansell - 'Counter' US trio return with another Strokes-inspired indie-rock swoon
Baby Fuzz - 'Disneyland'
Beta Waves - 'LoveLoveLove'