Glimmer Of Blooms - 'All I Want'
S P A C E - 'Great'
Tripnaha - 'Saga'
Oxen - 'Postpone'
Floral Couches - 'Dull Inside'
Zoe Konez - 'The Sweetest Thing Is Love'
VC Pines - 'Garden Of The Year'
Sabine Women - 'Venus Is Burning'
BUHU - 'Yew' US duo get blissful with this swooning and laid-back electro-pop vibe
Only Yours - 'everlasting'
Tom Forest - 'Warrior' (Superfood Rework)
Lauren Rocket - 'Diamond Nights'
Ponte Pilas - 'Out Of My Head'
Barry Bays - 'Dynamite'