Snowball II - 'Lost In Juarez'
Lizi Bailey - 'Falling Down'
Rookley - 'La Haine'
Jeannel - 'Love/Fountain'
Vaudlow - 'This Could Be Ours'
Justin Roeland - 'Desolation'
Krief - 'Take The Night'
Charlie Straw - 'Light Up For Me'
Agoria - 'Call Of The Wild' ft. STS
The Fame - 'Cherry Lipstick'
Anin Rose - 'No Apologies'
George Gretton - 'Tread Water'
CLMD - 'Anything' ft. Madcon
Calling Blue Jay - 'Overflow'
MEI - 'Homebound' ft. Toya Delazy & Sans Soucis