Alabama Shakes - 'Sound & Color'


Back in 2012, Alabama Shakes took the world by storm with their incredible debut album 'Boys & Girls'. Combining the roots rock, blues and soul influences of their home state Alabama, and reinventing it for a modern audience made them one of the most distinguishable and credible new bands on the world circuit. Now returning with their follow up 'Sound & Color', the southern rock outfit are looking to continue their journey of exploration and deliver an even more emphatic release.

From the off, 'Sound & Color' looks to deliver a mix of intense instrumentation and emotional songwriting, creating an album that highlights both the band's soothing and soaring rhythms. Piano organs, screeching guitars and powerful vocals flood this new release with such a raw energy, letting it play in the background would be a shameful thing. This album demands to be heard and does so with such an effortless finesse.

While it may not have the same initial impact of their debut, this new full-length still holds those same core beliefs and roots rock influences at its centre. Keeping it focused in direction but with a subtle flare that will prick up the ears of all those that hear it.

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