Aleutians - 'This is all we need'


Over the last few years, Merseyside-based project Aleutians has looked to develop a broader and more immersive sound than many of their contemporaries. Blending a driven indie-rock core with some beautifully alluring textures throughout their tenure so far, they have dazzled many with their rich and alluring approach to their songwriting and production. And after the rousing response to last year's comeback single 'Only This Time', they look to cement their recent legacy with the vibrant new EP 'This is all we need', a collection that builds upon those infectious foundations.

Taking cues from notable influences such as Turnover, Death Cab For Cutie and American Football, 'This is all we need' aims to heighten their spiritual aesthetic in order to showcase some brilliantly warm and tender ideas. Capturing all the same breadth and majesty they brought to their initial offerings, this new five-track collection offers up a rich and diverse array of outings that still manage to maintain a cohesive and succinct experience from start to finish.

Things may still only just be in the opening stages for them, but 'This is all we need' shows that there are still plenty of fresh and dynamic pursuits in which they can explore. Brimming with unbridled potential and an inviting identity throughout, Aleutians are certainly a name worth keeping an eye on for the future.

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