Alfie Templeman - 'Mellow Moon'


If there is any artist at the moment that represents the future of British pop music, it is Alfie Templeman. Despite still only 19-years-old, the frontman has been regularly doling out material since 2018, continuing to build buzz and admiration almost every step of the way. But after a flurry of single and EP releases these last few years, he is now looking to cross the first major milestone of his career so far by delivering his debut studio album 'Mellow Moon', a record that showcases the rich and tender sound he has been cultivating for himself of late.

The talent and confidence that Templeman has exuded, despite his young age, has always been the hallmark of his work to date. But on 'Mellow Moon', it feels like he is finally bringing all of that charisma to the forefront and leading with an incredibly diverse and impressive initial collection. While it is coated in a bold and glossy pop sheen throughout, there are still plenty of numbers that see him search for a more rounded and distinctive direction, allowing him to find his true voice amongst such an oversaturated scene that regularly eats up so many others in his position.

He may only be at the beginning of his career, but Alfie Templeman is already making some huge waves with this one. It has this wonderfully accessible feel to it that sees him toe the line between mainstream appeal and more peripheral ideals, something that is always a welcome trait amongst artists like him.

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