Alvvays - 'Alvvays'


As the UK's music scene gets ever louder and gruffer, we once again have to turn to Canada to get our dose of friendly dream pop, and this time it is the turn of Toronto outfit Alvvays, who have managed to turn some serious heads in the build up to the release of their self-titled debut album. Mixing harmonious vocals with charming compositions, this first full-length has got all you need to lift you from whatever slump you may be having.

Barely clocking in at thirty minutes running time, 'Alvvays' is a short but sweet pop record with enough rough around the edges to keep you from rolling your eyes at how upbeat it seems. Vocalist Molly Rankin has this strong yet haunted twist to her voice, enabling her to deliver lyrics in a far more modest state and create a lynchpin for all the other members to play around. It's this central focus to the record that prevents the band from straying too far from their original sound and forms an album with solid direction that keeps moving forward in a positive way.

It's a refreshing and uplifting debut with all the marks of a band looking for bigger things. While they may still have a very modest following, Alvvays have the clear drive, ambition and talent to keep going for years to come and with a debut this good, no-one is stopping them.

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