ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No. 187 The Giant Peach

Over the years, Vermont's The Giant Peach have been moulding themselves from an array of various influencers. With backgrounds in blues, folk and jazz, the four-piece have managed to cut themselves a hole in the indie-Americana scene and finally found themselves set to pass that first major milestone with the release of their debut album, 'Pulling Teeth'.

Speaking about the album, frontman Harrison Wood Hsiang explains, "It's a collection of songs that I wrote over the course of my first relationship and at its end. There's a lot of doubt in these songs -- questioning your past wants and actions, questioning your beliefs as your overturn them one by one by letting people down and being let down, and ultimately questioning the kind of person that you are."

"My best friend Max Shashoua and I came together to give these songs a final form. You know the gist of this already -- we recorded the whole thing in my dorm room with an SM57, a fact we're proud of, especially given how often people praise the quality of the recording these days. Maybe a fun story; we actually recorded the whole thing twice. The first time it just wasn't working. Max and I were still figuring out the details of the arrangements and the shape of the record as a whole, and as that became clearer we realized that we needed to do it properly and do it over again. So over the course of a weekend, we re-recorded the entire record (save "Coats," which we tracked live at Meadowlark Studios)."

Their latest single 'Over Again' likes to see itself as the quintessential indie love song. With its humble production and soft presence, the track maintains this strong pace throughout as it winds through a diverse array of instrumentation, all designed to leave you feeling uplifted and in a positive frame of mind.

The new album 'Pulling Teeth' will be available from the 21st April via the band's Bandcamp page, which you can find here, and check out 'Over Again' in the player below.