ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No.363 - Salmon Cat

Having already garnered huge support from the likes of Clairo and Gorillaz in recent months, London-based outfit Salmon Cat, which features the duel vocalists Jess Smyth (Biig Piig) and Lloyd Macdonald (Mac Wetha), have now returned to deliver their much-hyped new EP 'Supertext'.

Working alongside guitarists Harry Hayman and Alfie Jackson, the four-piece aim to create a wonderfully warm and woozy approach to the bedroom-pop sound, delivering a brilliantly laid-back collection in the process. The new release 'Supertext' sees the two more familiar names break away from their formative identities in pursuit of something far rawer and more organic with its approach.

Speaking about the new offering, Jess Smyth said, “Our process has been the same since we started really, Alfie and Harry make these sick guitar lines and bass lines and Lloyd adds drums and starts to produce it out, I write my lyrics and melodies whilst they’re doing that or sometimes just after they’ve got it locked in and put it down then Lloyd will write his lyrics and melodies and put those down for his parts. It feels like a quick process when we make music together cause we all have our own thing we’re good at and it just makes collaborating so easy. This project still has loads of aspects of the first ep, we like keeping moments from the day we record in the tracks, but feels a little heavier i think and maybe it was a case of the state the world was in or because we’re getting older and things naturally feel like they’re maturing but with this project in the topics and sonically i think it feels more personal.”

Have a listen to their stunning new EP 'Supertext' in the player below.