ARTIST OF THE WEEK: No.392 - Charlotte Dos Santos

After delighting so many with a flurry of enchanting cuts over the last few months, including 'Patience' and the upbeat 'Away From You', emerging artist Charlotte Dos Santos has now announced the details behind her long-awaited debut album 'MORFO'.

Previewed by the sweet and breezy new offering 'Hello Hello', 'MORFO' aims to cement her Brazilian heritage throughout this new collection. Adopting a broad and inventive mix of percussion, guitars, and strings within her latest material, she looks to create a direct line to the sound that her father grew up with, creating a beautifully mesmerising aesthetic as a result.

Speaking about the new record, she adds, “MORFO is a sonic tale about transformation, about love and pain. It's a playful journey through my deepest inner thoughts combined with elements of music I admire, such as Soul, R&B, Funk, MBP/Samba and Classical. I am a child of the world, born in two cultures and on this album I am digging deeper into my ancestral roots and into my consciousness.”

Charlotte Dos Santos' debut LP 'MORFO' will be released on the 14th October via Because Music, and you can watch the nw video for 'Hello Hello' in the player below.