After originally meeting and developing their sound out of weekly gatherings at a studio space called Nave in their native Leeds, HONESTY are now bringing their distinctive direction to the wider world with the release of their debut singles 'U&I' and 'TUNE IN TUNE OUT'.

With both tracks following wonderfully warm and immersive aesthetics, both 'U&I' and 'TUNE IN TUNE OUT' have this beautifully rich and passionate allure to them. Exploring a dense and ethereal texture throughout, they cement the emerging four-piece as one of the more exciting we have heard in 2023 so far.

Speaking about 'U&I', they said, "A ruminative thought derived from the disconnection of a strong bond. The only connection remains as non compos mentis. Sleepwalking through relationships, past, present, and future. At the time the lyrics were penned I was reading a book called ‘Why we Sleep’ and researching self-medication."

While adding about 'TUNE IN TUNE OUT', "Whilst losing engagement with society, an internal monologue tries best to bring itself back to normality. A stream of consciousness, uncertain whether you have to lose everything to get back to square one. At the time of writing, ego death, Carl Jung and hallucinogens all took a part in this."

Have a listen to both of the new singles in the players below.