The Beards - 'All The Bearded Ladies'

If you are a band of bearded men, called The Beards, write songs about beards, and have a album with a beard, you might think that the joke may have gotten a little stale after the first few weeks. But with all respect to The Beards, they have persevered with their novelty idea and have released their latest single 'All The Bearded Ladies'. But this is not some Weird Al homage to Beyonce but their own super cheesy hat-tip to women with more facial hair than normal.

While it certainly opens with an explosion of classic power rock and howling harmonies, 'All The Bearded Ladies' does eventually fold into itself and become more of a fist-pumper than an ear-piercing invasion on the senses. It's clear lack of seriousness is the track's only real charm and appeal, otherwise it would just be seen as an vapid attempt at getting a cheap laugh with some irreverent lyrics. And while that is sometimes the case, there is still so much to enjoy about this record that you'll soon find yourself humming it for the rest of the day.

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