Björk - 'Vulnicura'


Having maintained a high-profile career as being one of the most forward-thinking and experimental musicians of our time, Björk certainly comes with a level of expectation during the build up of any new release. While she has always looked to add contemporary elements to each of her releases, she always keeps the focus of what she stands for as an artist and looks to make every record as fresh and relevant to current music trends. But with a leak of this new full-length jeopardising its possible success, the Icelandic producer has rushed out this new album with great surprise to all her fans.

While some of her previous albums showed a more percussive or electronic influence, 'Vulnicura' is a far more stripped back affair with the majority of tracks opting for a more harmonious and atmospheric approach. It is not until much later in the record where the pace begins to get a little faster, but in all, the album is probably closer to her sound in the late 90s than anything over the last decade. It still has that contemporary approach to production but the overall feel of it is something we haven't heard her do in quite some time.

It is still a great listen but in no way is it her greatest so far. She has always been known for pushing the envelope in modern music, but this release seems to be more restrained in that respect and in the end, gives the a more whole feel with just the odd Björk eccentricity sporadically spread throughout.

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