Björk - 'fossora'


Throughout her tenure, Björk has remained one of the few truly experimental artists embraced by the mainstream. Despite such an adventurous and innovative approach to her sound for nearly thirty years, she is still one of the rare exceptions that still finds something new and interesting to explore, building on her reputation as one of the most distinctive artists to ever walk the earth. But with her mother Hildur Rúna Hauksdóttir sadly passing away in 2018, Björk has now returned to her spiritual Icelandic home for her tenth studio album 'fossora', a record that harks back to her origins like never before.

Usually when it comes to new Björk records, she is always one to invite fresh and inventive aesthetics into her work that accompany the current zeitgeist and trends. But with 'fossora', she takes us back to those atmospheric origins and delivers a beautifully warm and wistful endeavour throughout. Continuing to build a brilliantly fascinating and textured direction from start to finish, this new collection is a rare reflection of her true voice as she offers up a beautifully rich and endearing release that always finds a exciting and engaging avenue to venture down.

Björk has always had a magical and passionate feel to her material, but hearing her still on top of her game after thirty years is an impressive feat nonetheless. Spiritually and professionally enigmatic, 'fossora' will go down as one of her most honest and personal releases to date.

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