Black Honey - 'A Fistful Of Peaches'


Ever since they dropped their breakthrough self-titled debut LP in 2018, Brighton's Black Honey have been greeted as one of the saviours of modern British indie-rock. While the record made a modest impact upon its release, they quickly earned a strong and devout fanbase in the years since, leading into their incredibly engaging sophomore collection 'Written & Directed' in 2021. Now after another heady run of live performances since the end of lockdown, they are back once again with their third studio album 'A Fistful Of Peaches', a record that sees them continue their upward ascent.

With every Black Honey release, we get to see a glimpse of their internal mindset. While the debut effort fit their modest popularity with more rich and tender offerings, bigger stages meant bigger riffs going into 'Written & Directed'. Now more popular than ever, 'A Fistful Of Peaches' is all about broad and euphoric energy, something perfect for mainstage festival shows. Moving effortlessly from sweet and alluring compositions straight into raw and fuzzy guitar-rock anthems, their newest full-length looks to be their most eclectic offering to date as they try a more adventurous guise throughout.

While it is certainly a move towards more atmospheric intention this time around, 'A Fistful Of Peaches' still has all the same rustic spirit Black Honey have always looked to pursue. Passionate and enticing as often as possible, they are once again standing at the pinnacle of today's scene, showing the rest how it's done.

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