Bleached - 'Don't You Think You've Had Enough?'


In recent years, it is hard to imagine a more Californian outfit than the sisterly duo of Bleached. Growing up as daughters of a touring musician, Jennifer and Jessica Clavin had spent the majority of their teenage years looking to emulate their father by forming a string of bands as far back as high school. Since then the pair have toyed with a number of SoCal influences such as surf-rock and dream-pop, but now looking to take their sound to the next level, they have sobered up and look to make some serious waves with their third studio album 'Don't You Think You've Had Enough'.

It is clear from the very start that this is not the same old Bleached we have heard before. For a start, the production of this new release seems so much more well-honed than the rough-around-the-edges aesthetic they were previously looking to create. Not only that but each track has this distinct freshness about it, no longer looking to take inspiration from any particular arena but finding their own sound and running with it as far as it'll go. This not only feels like the duo have finally broken out of their shell, but sees 'Don't You Think You've Had Enough?' as a benchmark moment of their career, something that can truly be called their own.

While you might say that it calls back to the pulsing post-punk sound of artists like Blondie, there is still plenty of exciting moments on this new release to get truly stuck into. A bold and enticing return that showcases Bleached as a strong and rejuvenated group, now longer living in the shadows and ready to give all that they can.

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