Bobby Shmurda - 'Shmurda She Wrote' EP


While New York as always been the spiritual home of US hip-hop, the scene as a whole has undergone a huge shift in style over the last few years as trap music becomes the go-to beat for any young rapper. But much like any rapper coming from this city, they are proving to be far ahead of the game and the debut album from 20-year-old MC Bobby Shmurda is proving no different. Initially in danger of becoming another viral gimmick from the popularity of his self-proclaimed "shmoney dance", his debut single 'Hot N**ga' has exploded on the scene and seen his credibility shoot through the roof.

The main appeal of 'Hot N**ga' is its minimal yet memorable production, which is a theme Bobby has looked to implement throughout this entire record. The EP's bed is about 80% percussion, with the odd melody or instrumental accompanying joining in to simply keep the music from becoming too formulaic. While it may sound like the record is too overly basic or similar throughout, Shmurda has done well to establish a large amount of variety on this EP as well as carving a unique sound for himself at the same time.

It may not be the most groundbreaking rap EP we have heard this year, but it certainly reignites a spark that a new generation could take inspiration from. It's dark, broody, and ultimately bringing the scene back to its basics.

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