Danglo - 'Spotlight'


While the ethereal electronic music scene has been pushed into a wider audience thanks to acts like Bondax and How To Dress Well over the last few years, there is clearly still a heavy interest in producers wanting to move the scene into a more progressive direction and turns these mellow anthems into more of a club-ready feel. This is currently the mindset of London-based producer Danglo , who over the last few years has managed to build up a dedicated following and even land himself a record deal with trendsetters Kitsune in the process. But where exactly is he planning to take his hybrid sound?

His debut EP 'Spotlight' is short but sweet look inside the mind of a light house producer. Rather than relying on baselines to form the tracks, his work mainly focuses on the higher end of his productions, resulting in a far more upbeat sound that resonates well with this glorious summer weather of late. The EP's opener and title track uses less of a solid beat and skips along on a series of awkward percussions that show he intends a dance floor to actually dance and not just nod their heads in approval. It's clear that he is looking to bring joy back to the clubbing scene and does so with such irreverence, it would be hard to ignore.

This may only be the start of his journey but already it is easy to see that there is so much potential within the Danglo sound to bring more energy to a deep house scene that has surely had its day. A beautifully conceived and well-constructed collection that brings the sunshine with it.

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