Death From Above 1979 - 'The Physical World'


When Death From Above 1979 released their debut album 'You're a Woman, I'm a Machine' back in 2004, they became instant heroes of a rock scene heading strongly into a pop mainstream paradigm. They were heralded as the most innovative and original band of their generation but less than two years later, the band would be no more. While it was seen as a great shame at the time, but fans and critics alike soon began referring to them as the perfect band. After such an incredible debut and no sight of a follow-up, their legacy would remain forever in tact and we could begin the search for a new pioneer. But after no such messiah, who could have seen that a decade later we would once again be back in their hands, listening to another new album.

'The Physical World' may have a lot in common with their debut but the biggest striking difference between the records is the pace. While 'YAWIAM' was this enormous juggernaut of a record, stampeding ever forward with ferocious bass playing and apocalyptic drumming, this second one has less of the power but more of the musicianship. It would be surprising to see them come back with a carbon copy of their original release but what this album has is a much more diverse sound as they have used their signature sound to make a record with a varied direction, while at times still coming back to that tried and tested impact.

What is best about this new album is that they haven't lost that magic spark between them. After ten years out of the studio, it is so good to hear that they can pick up exactly where they left off but still want to do something more with it. Hopefully it won't be another decade before we get more music out of them but this will certainly tide us over for the next few years yet.

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