Dizzee Rascal - 'Don't Take It Personal'


Over the last two decades, the diverse nature of Dizzee Rascal has been a broad and varied one to say the least. After finding huge acclaim as one of the innovators of the grime movement in the early 2000s, he veered more towards a club-friendly vibe in the years afterwards, arguably giving him the most successful profile of his career. But with recent LPs 'Raskit' and 'E3 AF' seeing him return to his origins, it felt like he was back to his old ways for good. And now he delivers his eighth studio album 'Don't Take It Personal', a record that sees him enter to those nightlife vibes again.

In essence, 'Don't Take It Personal' sits perfectly in the middle of these two aesthetics he has been developing throughout his tenure. While the commercial edge remains a constant flavour throughout his newest LP, there are still plenty of interesting moments within its production that show the old Dizzee Rascal is still very much alive. With a bold and bouncing energy that rarely lets up, his newest offerings aims to appeal to a far wider audience with mixed results.

While this new material is certainly trying to keep his inventive spirit moving, 'Don't Take It Personal' doesn't feel like the progressive name he has been cultivating lately. A little too dependant on familiar ideas and proven styles, he tries his best to make this new one as enjoyable as possible.

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