The Dodos - 'Individ'


Having circumnavigated the American music scene for the best part of a decade, The Dodos have become one of the most prolific outfits in US rock music. Having released five full-lengths in the first seven years of their career, this sixth effort has no hint of comfort as the band still look to create a different and engaging collection of tracks that aid the evolution of their sound.

Coming across as the US equivalent of Bombay Bicycle Club, 'Individ' seems to be a much larger album than it appears on paper. Despite only two members, the record plays with the atmosphere and energy of a full live band who have found themselves flowing off one another with a gracious ease. While the album has a adopted this very simple and modest sound, you can tell that by just adding some distortion, you would have a full blown rock record. The songs each have this larger than life presence that the band themselves have chosen to reign in to create a pleasant yet enjoyable album.

It is safe to say that 'Individ' is definitely a album of today's musical zeitgeist. It would fit comfortably amongst the other, heavier guitar-based bands currently peddling their wears and encourages you to discover more from what this band has already created.

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